Power School - Won't display tardy or unverified. Can't see medical

Must click on the Broken Paper symbol on the address bar next to the Refresh symbol.

Responses to this article

  1. Trevor Contreras
    11 August, 2014

    I am still unable to access my powerschool home screen. Every time I input the login information I was assigned the message "invalid username/password" keeps popping up.

  2. Omar Jones
    17 October, 2013

    Like the others this is the closest to my issue.

    Java update (I think 47 the one that just came out) partially installed, and power teacher is unable to load. But prior to that my Powerschool/Teacher was hanging and freezing for the last couple of days and giving me grade book errors and not saving the data.

    I read the email about NOT installing installing Java a little too late.

    I stated partially installed because I missed the unclicking of the "Do you want to install..." I aborted tihe install, but didn't try to uninstall and I am now notifying you. Thanks!

  3. Teresa Hutter
    16 October, 2013

    This is really not my problem but there wasn't any i could check on. I cannot get on my grade book. I really need to check on my grades as they are due Friday the 18rh.......... Thank you , Teresa Hutter ART room 401................

  4. Robin Combs
    23 January, 2013

    I am able to get into my class in powerschool; but unable to put in absences and tardies on the attendance page.