Corrupt files on computer

By using an old windows XP recovery disk, instead of wiping out the old system and cleaning to factory settings, there was an option to be able to repair start up files.

The startup file that was missing or corrupted was NTOSKRNL.EXE

After it was finished, the laptop restarted and is working condition.

Responses to this article

  1. Cathy Cornelius
    21 August, 2020

    Need help connecting our apple tv to our i-pad

  2. Doris Lucas
    27 August, 2018

    I am not able to access Aesop and Wengage, payroll site not sure of spelling) I was able to access last year but for some reason they will not let me log in. Saying I am not in system.
    Thank you!!.
    Doris Lucas

  3. Martha Healey
    04 April, 2016

    My school chrome book is not linking with my desktop. I have not been receiving e-mails. Thank you

  4. Sandy Gore
    21 October, 2013

    When I try to log in on the laptop, it says the security log on this system is full, an administrator has to log in to fix the problem. All the items in Smart Notebook that are interactive, aren't working.

  5. Jackie Stafford
    24 September, 2013

    I received a hand-me-down Title I 2012 ipad from MMS. It was previously used by Mrs. Peery. I need it to be reset so I can use my apple id numbers.