Outook - Instant search not working

If Instant search is not working..


This website will answer outlook questions.

Basiclly - Search > Search Options > uncheck eveything under "indexes" > file > exit

crl + al + del > go to processes > wait 5 minutes for the outlook to end.

Reopen Outlook > attempt to search ( should work now)

  1. Tina Scott
    28 October, 2019

    My computer will not connect to the internet. I have tried a different location, with no success.

  2. Gaye Sanders
    19 August, 2013

    I can rarely open Outlook. I've tried to open it from the school website, by typing in webmail, etc., and by going to mail.mustangps.org. The wheel turns around and around and it often comes up as Internet Explorer can't display the page. It's a good thing I can get it on my phone!

  3. Dorena Hibbard
    16 April, 2013

    I can't open my e-mail consistently. I don't have it on my desktop or in my programs. I can sometimes get in through internet explorer- sometimes I can't. Sometimes I can see my e-mail but not respond. Hope you can help. Seems as though the program has been deleted. I think I have been going through the internet all year to get to e-mail. I don't think I've had it on my desktop at all this year.
    Dorena Hibbard
    p.s. e-mail Jennifer Tipton if you have a question for me.